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Packing Your Bags: Roll or Fold?
Travel Savvy | By Sky Barsch Gleiner, Oct 10, 2012 12:19 pm

Packing Your Bags: Roll or Fold?

When you begin to fill your bags for a trip, do you roll or fold your clothes? (Maybe you’ve never given it much thought?) When we posed this question to the CW staff, we discovered some excellent packing tips.


ANNA, Hotel Tour Coordinator: Rolling in my opinion is the way the best option. When it comes to belts, I neither roll or fold -- I snake them around all the other items in my bag, which seems to save a lot of space.

CHRIS, Tour Manager: I always roll similar pieces together, such as pants, then shirts, etc. They not only pack more efficiently, they have less wrinkles. I also use really large Ziplock bags for underwear, and socks, then I roll around on it on the floor to get out the excess air before sealing (imagine the visual on this one). Plus, I always take a little Woolite and wash clothes out while on tour.

CLAIRE, Tour Consultant: I prefer to roll clothing. My aunt, retired from the U.S. Air Force, taught me this trick many years ago, and it works great for me. Not only does it really allow you to pack tightly/pack more, but it typically helps with wrinkling.

TRICIA, Senior Manager: Definitely roll, because it’s a huge space saver, and I always try to go carry-on. And, it does help to keep your clothes looking wrinkle-free. You just pop them out of the suitcase and onto the hangers in your hotel closet. Voila!

MICHELLE, Tour Consultant: I roll (two vertical rows from front to back of suitcase so you can tighten each row with the cinch straps inside, and squeeze more in at the edges after cinching). It's much handier to access different clothes, so you don’t have to take everything out to access ones at the bottom. Rolled clothes are much easier to move around in your suitcase to find what you need.

MEL, Tour Manager: Definitely rolled! It keeps things a lot neater – you can fit things into the tiniest places and into shoes, etc. Saves room for sure!


SALLY, Tour Manager: I actually iron every single article of clothing. It lays so much flatter. So I fold, after ironing.


ALEX, Coordinator: I fold to fill the middle of the bag (two piles), then roll the rest to stuff the corners and empty spaces (or roll skirts and dresses for less wrinkles).

No matter which way you go, Anna provided this great piece of advice: Take everything out that you think you’ll need for your trip. Look at it, then put half of it back. Enjoy your trip, and buy what you don’t have when you get there.